Pros and Cons of GPS Tracking Your Pet

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Pros and Cons of GPS Tracking Your Pet

A GPS tracker can tell you exactly where your pet is at all times

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A beloved pet escaping or getting lost can be one of a pet owner’s worst nightmares. GPS tracking may be an option for you if you want to know where your furry family member is at all times. But before you invest your money in buying a GPS tracker, you should know both the benefits and the drawbacks of the technology and its use in finding lost pets.

The Pros of GPS Tracking a Pet

Pet owners looking for the peace of mind that comes from knowing where their pet is at any given moment may find GPS tracking to be a relief.

Peace of Mind

One of the most important benefits to a pet owner is the peace of mind a GPS tracker gives them. They can log onto an app or a website at any time and check that their pet is exactly where they should be. If for any reason your pet isn’t where you expect, the GPS tracker will let you know their exact location so they’re easy to track down.

Push Notifications Can Alert of an Escape

Many GPS trackers can send alerts via push notification on a mobile device to pet owners if their pet has escaped. The tracker can be set up to trigger an alert whenever a pet leaves the house, yard, or another designated area. This can help pet owners to more quickly find lost pets because they know the instant the pet has gone, reducing the risk of injuries or illness.

Pets Can Safely Explore Outdoors

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If you’d prefer that your dog or cat have the ability to safely explore outdoors, a GPS tracker can help you to not worry while they do. This is useful for pet owners with outdoor cats and large backyards. You don’t have to worry if you lose sight of your pet because you’ll always know exactly where they are.

You Can Better Understand Your Pet

Tracking a pet with GPS can help pet owners better understand what their pet does all day. They’ll know their favorite spots and where they like to explore. This can also help you to understand how active your pet is whenever you’re not there so you know if they need more physical activity and exercise when you are.

Different Features to Choose from

Another advantage of GPS is that there are a lot of different brands out there, which means that you’ve got the freedom to shop around and choose one that fits both your budget and your needs in terms of features. Plus, there are a variety of ranges to choose from, for example, either a range of 25 miles or an unlimited range.

Usable on Multiple Pets

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With many GPS tracking systems, you can monitor multiple pets on the same system. Each would need their own tracker, but they could be registered on the same system and could be watched from the same app.

Find a Lost Pet Faster

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It’s important for pets to be microchipped and for their collars to have the owner’s contact information. However, with both of those options, you may have to just wait for someone to find your pet and call you. With a GPS tracker, you’ll have a location and can head right there so you don’t have to wait and worry.

Set up Boundaries

You can use a GPS tracker like an invisible fence as well as a tracker. Pet owners can program in boundaries and if the pet reaches those, it can vibrate, beep, or use LED lights to warn the pet that they’re approaching the boundary.

The Cons of GPS Tracking a Pet

Despite the numerous advantages of GPS tracking for pets, there are some disadvantages that pet owners should be aware of before investing in the technology.

GPS Trackers Can Be Expensive

A GPS tracker definitely isn’t within every pet owner’s budget. It can cost more than $100 for the tracking technology alone if you want a tracker with an unlimited range. On top of that, many trackers also have a subscription cost, which could also be up to $100 annually.

Difficulties with the Signal

GPS signals aren’t perfectly clear everywhere. This means that, depending on where you live, there might not be a strong enough signal for you to effectively track your pet using GPS.

Low Battery

GPS trackers are powered by batteries, which only last for so long. You’ll have to keep track of the battery’s strength constantly so that the one time you let the battery get low isn’t the time your pet gets lost.

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