Pet Vaccinations

Why Does My Pet Need Vaccinations?

Puppies are born with immature immune systems which make them highly vulnerable to contracting disorders. The expert dog vaccination veterinarians at Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital know the risk your puppies and dogs face each day, and we are here to help your furry friends live a happier and safer life!

On average, your dog will love their natural antibodies around 16-20 weeks old. Therefore, we recommend that the regular puppy vaccine series should start when your dog is around 6-8 weeks old.

If animals are over 16-20 weeks of age, they may require only one dose of a few of the vaccines. The incidence of disease and death is significantly higher in places where vaccinations aren’t commonly administered.

As pet owners ourselves, we always recommend that dog owners ensure their pets receive all the needed vaccinations promptly so their dogs can live a long and healthy life. Our professional staff is here to help you understand which vaccinations are best for your dog!

Which Vaccines Should My Pet Receive?

Several variables determine whether your dog should receive vaccinations, including:

  • Your dog’s age, breed, and lifestyle.
  • Local regulations.
  • Any previous adverse reactions or health conditions which may be aggravated by immunizations.

Depending on the above requirements, our friendly and knowledgeable veterinarians will inform you of the best course of action to take. There are different types of vaccinations to consider for your dog, including:
Core Vaccines- these aim to provide protection against diseases that cause significant illness or death for your dog.
Noncore Vaccines- This vaccine aims to protect your dog against diseases that are not covered in the noncore disease category. While these conditions may not cause severe illness or death to your dog, the severity of these diseases can increase depending on where you live.
Not Recommended Vaccines- Not all vaccinations are recommended for your dog due to the higher risk these vaccines pose to your dog. There are also some vaccines that can counter the benefits of necessary vaccines, so be sure to speak to our expert staff about your dog’s health.

What Can I Expect After My Pet’s Vaccination?

It’s normal for pets to experience some mild side effects after they receive a vaccine. You should talk to our veterinarians about what to expect after vaccination to ensure your furry friend can recover from their treatment as quickly as possible. More severe, but uncommon side effects can look like allergy symptoms, including:

  • Constant vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Itchy skin that might seem bumpy (“hives”).
  • Swelling of the muzzle and about neck, the face, or eyes.
  • Acute coughing or difficulty breathing.

Professional Dog Vaccination Specialists

Our Orlando, FL veterinary experts know the breeds of dogs that are most susceptible to various diseases. We also know the best vaccinations for your dog and how to guide you through the recovery process to overcome adverse reactions to particular vaccines. We will work with you and your furry friend to ensure your pet receives the vaccines they deserve today!


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