See Why Pet Owners Trust Our Clinic

Quote icon "Dr. Qasim has been amazing with caring for my aging dog. He goes above and beyond every time he sees her. The hours are extremely convenient with my inflexible schedule, since they are open evenings and on weekends. They always see me on short notice without any hassle. I'm so glad I found them."

- Alyssa Douty

Quote icon "Amazing service and friendly staff. They are always quick and the quality is always top notch."

- Juan Bernal

Quote icon "I couldn’t be happier with this vet after only a couple visits. I have gone to so many other vets in the Orlando area that genuinely do not seem to care. I have been able to get in at a moments notice even at 10pm at night or on the weekend. They are always trying to give me not only the best options but the most affordable. My dog has ivdd & I felt like I fully understood the condition after my first visit with the vet. He brought it visuals & took the time to answer every question. I also have received a phone call just to check in with how my dog is doing. The staff is always willing to answer any questions I might have just with a quick phone call. I couldn’t have found a better vet & felt like someone else might need this review like I did."

- Molly Huckie

Quote icon "Hands down the best vet in Orlando. We’ve been taking our dog, Ulysses here for 5 years now. Recently our dog ate some trail mix at 9:30PM. Because Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital is open until 11PM I was actually able to have him see Dr. Qasim instead of taking him to an emergency vet. Dr. Qasim knew exactly what needed to be done and all the precautions we needed to treat for toxicity. He also explained It to me and my husband that we fully understood what we needed to do at look out for the next day. If you are money conscious “The Plan” is a huge savings! We’ve bought it every year for the past five years and I highly recommend it!"

- Anna-Marie B.

Quote icon "I love this vet so much, I drive an hour to see him."

- Rebecca Mead

Quote icon "Dr. Qasim was wonderful and knew just what my Joey needed to get better. He had tummy troubles for over a week, but he literally felt better the next day!! Would certainly recommend!"

- Shanna Marie

Quote icon "Great place, the staff is friendly and helpful. Took my puppy there and she fell asleep during the whole exam. Would definitely recommend to my friends."

- Alina Grange

Quote icon "I brought my dog there last Sunday after she was hit by a car. The doctor said she needed to be put down and I was devastated. The nurses and the doctor were sympathetic and treated my girl so very well in her last moments, and made sure she went quickly and as comfortable as can be. Today I received a condolence card from the staff and you cannot imagine how much I appreciated it. They're lovely people and great doctors and I wish I'd found then under better circumstances."

- Yaritza Gonzalez

Quote icon "Everyone in this practice were absolutely amazing! Unfortunately last week we had to say goodbye to our kitty Miles. They were extremely compassionate and considerate of our feelings. A couple of the employees cried along with us. Thank you for being there for us and our kitty!"

- Melissa Coomer

Quote icon "One Saturday evening I noticed that one of our cats was trying to urinate and couldn't, and was making strange noises. He had just been to our old vet a couple of days earlier for a urination issue and they had not thought it was an issue. But I realized that now was a crisis. Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital squeezed us in for an appointment that very evening. The wonderful and caring Dr. Qasim diagnosed a completely blocked bladder and operated that very night. He literally saved my cat's life. You couldn't find a finer vet. Great hours, too, which is so comforting."

- Geraldine R.

Quote icon "The wonderful vet and staff at Dr.Phillips Animal Hospital are absolutely fantastic. Three years ago stray cats were dumped on our property that badly needed care and the vet took EXCELLENT care of these cats at an insanely low price. We have taken our dogs to him as well and he treats them like family. They are always polite, always kind to our animals and always smiling. Yesterday we had to take our Toy Poodle in for an emergency visit and he not only told us what was wrong but took the time to explain his condition and the medications that are now saving his life."

- Phyllis S.

Quote icon "Everyone was kind and the Vet was detailed and quick! Thank you all :)"

- Monique Reid

Quote icon "Drove 30 miles on a Sunday to get my cat checked out... Prices are reasonable, typical prices you would find at a regular Vets office. The staff and doctor handled my cat gently and I saw no rough handling... I would definitely recommend this clinic to family and friends. Vet and staff are friendly and provided thorough instruction/advice. "

- Tara J.

Quote icon "Empathetic doctor and staff took care of us and our pet. I am very grateful. Excellent team that actually cares for the people and the animals."

- J. D. Shedd

Quote icon "I had to bring my dog to them as an emergency because our regular vet was close. I searched for places around the area and they were the only one that were open at 6pm. Right away the staff helped us out. I explained the situation to the doctor and he immediately ask for some test (something that her regular doctor never did) the test came out fine thank God, but she has an infection. The doctor took the time to explain to everything, and how to give her the medicines. He answered all my questions and understood that I was scare and nervous. After that the staff repeated the instructions for the medicine. Loved everything about this place! Comparing my regular vet with them I'm deciding to stay here and bring my baby for her regular checkups. If you guys read this THANK YOU so much!!"

- Luisa Sosa