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Emergency Vet Service

When your pet becomes injured or sick suddenly, you need a veterinarian you can trust. Accidents and illness can strike without warning and place your beloved pet and companion at serious risk. In these tragic circumstances, it is of the utmost importance to quickly find a caring, nurturing, and qualified veterinary specialist.

At Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital, we understand what your pet means to you. In a crisis where your pet is at risk, we treat your pet as if it was our own to get them back on their paws in no time, providing the very best veterinary care possible.

In Case of Emergency Please:

  1. Remain calm. Assess the situation. Remove your pet with care (animals in distress act impulsively and scratch or bite, especially while in pain) from the situation and get help if needed
  2. Call us immediately (407) 352-2579
  3. Explain your pet’s situation and condition to our staff (this allows us to help immediately and prepare for your arrival)
  4. Safely transport your pet to our office at 76000 Dr. Phillips Blvd. #142, Orlando FL 32819

Call In Emergency

We are open 7-days a week:
Monday- Friday: 8am-11pm
Saturday: 9am-7pm
Sunday: 9am-5pm

As the premiere emergency animal hospital in Orlando for over 8 yrs, we will be there for you and your animal in an emergency and all the way through recovery. Our board-certified vet and team will deliver the highest standard of care while maintaining compassion and professionalism.

As animal lovers ourselves, we treat your pet as if it is our own and are ready to fight to keep them safe and healthy.

“Hands down the best vet in Orlando. We’ve been taking our dog, Ulysses here for 5 years now. Recently our dog ate some trail mix at 9:30PM. Because Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital is open until 11PM I was actually able to have him see Dr. Qasim instead of taking him to an emergency vet. Dr. Qasim knew exactly what needed to be done and all the precautions we needed to treat for toxicity. He also explained It to me and my husband that we fully understood what we needed to do at look out for the next day. If you are money conscious “The Plan” is a huge savings! We’ve bought it every year for the past five years and I highly recommend it!

Anna-Marie Boykin
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When To Call Us

If you are concerned about your pet’s health or safety, call us. We will help determine if it is an emergency and walk you through your options. Our team will also go over questions on the phone with you to determine if their condition is serious and requires immediate medical attention.

When Is It An Emergency?

It is considered an emergency if your pet has experienced a trauma (hit by motor vehicle, blunt or falling object from a few feet) or is experiencing any of the following conditions:

  • Unconscious or will not wake
  • Vomiting or diarrhea for more than 24hrs (especially vomiting blood)
  • Experiencing seizures
  • Suspect a broken bone(s)
  • Can’t feel their heartbeat or breathing
  • Trouble breathing or something lodged in their throat
  • Bleeding from eyes, mouth, nose, or found in their urine or feces
  • Believe they have ingested toxins (antifreeze, rat poison, bleach, household cleaners, medication they are not prescribed, etc.)
  • Male cat is straining to urinate or unable to
  • In extreme pain (whining, shaking, refuse to socialize)
  • Collapse suddenly and can’t standv
  • Suddenly becomes disoriented and starts bumping into things
  • Injury or irritation to your pet’s eyes or suddenly appear they are blind
  • Symptoms of heat stroke
  • Pregnant cat or dog gone more than 3-4 hrs between delivering puppies or kittens

Please contact us immediately if they are experiencing any of the above conditions to see if emergency care is required.

At Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital, we treat all the above conditions with care and diligence. We are serious about your pet’s health, safety, and your trust in allowing us to care for them.

What Happens At Arrival?

Please contact us before arrival to allow our team to prepare everything we need to care for your pet. If it is an emergency, we want to be able to help immediately. Our staff will also assist with carrying your pet in if it is required.

Upon arrival:

  • Our team will examine and treat your pet as promptly as possible
  • Preference and priority is given to all pets facing a life-threatening condition, regardless of the order of arrival (even if this interrupts an examination or treatment in progress)
  • Your pet will be stabilized (administered IV fluids, pain medications, oxygen therapy, blood or plasma transfusions when necessary)
  • A staff will walk you through what is happening and consult all owners before conducting any major treatment or procedures

What Conditions Do We Treat?

If your pet is in distress or pain, we are here to help. At Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital, we treat a number of emergency situations including:

  • Seizures
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Sudden complications caused by diabetes, heart disease, or kidney disease
  • Injuries from motor vehicles
  • Cat urinary obstructions

How to Transport Your Pet

If your pet is in pain or distress, approach them with care. Even loving pets can act aggressively with biting or scratching when they are in this state.

For Dogs:

  • If they show signs of aggression or threat your safety, get help immediately
  • Approach them calmly and slowly
  • Kneel down from a safe distance and say their name
  • If they are passive or with assistance, they can helped
  • Create a makeshift stretcher to transport them if necessary
  • For spinal injuries ALWAYS support their neck and back during transport

For Cats:

  • Gently place a towel or blanket over their head to prevent biting
  • Slowly lift cat (get assistance if needed) and place in an open top carrier or box
  • Support their head and avoid twisting their neck incase they have suffered a spinal injury

Please ensure a family member, friend, or yourself contacts us immediately at (407) 353-2579 to start preparing for your pet’s arrival.

“I had to bring my dog to them as an emergency because our regular vet was close. Right away the staff helped us out. I explained the situation to the doctor and he immediately ask for some test. The doctor took the time to explain to everything, and how to give her the medicines. He answered all my questions and understood that I was scare and nervous. After that the staff repeated the instructions for the medicine. Loved everything about this place! Comparing my regular vet with them I’m deciding to stay here and bring my baby for her regular checkups.”

Is There An Extra Cost?

At Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital we do not charge an extra cost for emergency treatment. Our extended hours are specifically designed to be there for owners in our community when other vets aren’t available.

If an emergency interrupts an examination or treatment, we kindly ask for your patience. Rest assured our team works as quickly as possible to attend to our patients to give them the love and care we are known for.

Why Choose Our Hospital

Any emergency involving your pet can be a stressful and difficult time. As pet owners ourselves, we understand every emergency requires support. We are by their side and yours every step of the way, while making your pet’s safety, health, and comfort our top priority while they visit us.

All our staff here at Dr. Phillips love doing everything we can to make the procedure and recovery fast, easy to have your pet back on their paws in no time.

If you’re concerned about your pet and feel it may be an emergency, please call us so that we can help at (407) 352-2579.

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