Pet Dental Services

Florida Veterinary Dental Services

Our highly trained surgery staff performs thousands of routine and complex procedures every year—using the latest techniques to support optimum recovery. Since we want your pet to live a long and healthy life, we provide all the pet dental services you and your furry friends need.

Dogs and cats need regular dental care. It’s critical for their long-term health. It can be difficult to identify whether your pet needs to see our dental professionals. However, some signs can signal that your pet needs to see our professionals, including:

  1. Difficulty eating
  2. Soreness around the oral cavity
  3. Odor coming from the mouth
  4. Unusual drooling
  5. Trouble swallowing

We also offer dental radiographs, which supply a tremendous amount of info. This is simply another step that increases the standard of dental treatments at Bradford Hills Veterinary Hospital.

The Importance of Routine Pet Dental Care

While many pet owners understand the importance of physical checkups for their pets, it is easy to overlook the importance of regular pet dental visits.

Routine and preventive dental care is essential to your own pet’s long-term health. Pets with poor oral hygiene can grow periodontal disease, which may frequently cause heart, lung, and kidney ailment.

Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital offers a complete selection of dental services for cats and dogs including dental extractions, dental examinations, and oral surgery as well as home care instructions for maintaining your pet ‘s or cat’s teeth clean and healthy.

If left untreated, dental disease can not only be painful and inhibit proper nourishment, but it may cause serious systemic issues that will affect your pet’s well being before symptoms are noticeable.

Comprehensive Pet Dental Services In Florida

As pet owners ourselves, we know the importance that dental hygiene plays in your pet’s overall health. This is why Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital provides affordable, comprehensive pet dental health services for all of your pet’s needs.

Our dental services include routine cleanings, oral examinations to screen for disease above and below the gum line, in addition to extractions as well as other processes. For complex oral surgeries and procedures that are associated, we work using a board certified specialist to ensure your pet receives the top care possible.

The Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital team would be happy to answer any questions you have about your pet’s dental needs. We are here to make recommendations for dental products, like chews and toys that are designed to prevent tartar build up. Schedule your pet’s appointment today!


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