Pet Dental Services

You care for your pets like family. But did you know caring for their teeth is just as important as caring for your own? Looking after your pet’s oral and dental hygiene will help save them from serious health problems and diseases such as respiratory, kidney, heart, or periodontal disease.

Just like you, all of us here at Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital want to do everything we can to keep your pet healthy and well. Periodontal disease and similar serious problems can be prevented, and, in some cases, after diagnosed, reversed. We are here to help you bite down on the signs of disease at the start, and by brushing up on oral and dental hygiene for your pet, chew out any concerns you have for your pet’s wellness and dental health.

Whether your pet barks or purrs, Dr. Qasim is here to help with their dental health.

What Dental Services Do We Offer?

As pet owners ourselves, we treat your pet as if they were our own. That is why when dental or oral work is required for your pet, we are here to help. Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital offers a range of veterinary dental services designed to help prevent periodontal disease, treat it, and promote your pet’s long-term health.

Starting from when your pet is brought in for their oral health exam or as part of their regular check-up, our vet will discuss which dentistry procedures or services may be needed including dental cleaning. If a dental or oral disease is suspected, we will alert you if further tests are needed and be there with you from diagnosis, all the way through to recovery.

As part of their diagnosis or treatment, some dental services we offer include:

  • Dental Cleaning
  • X-Rays & Radiographs
  • Biospy, Physical or Anesthetic Evaluation
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Oral Lesions

During your pet’s check-up exam, our vet may recommend dental cleaning or if signs of dental or oral disease are present, request radiographs or x-rays. All dental service, treatments, and procedures are conducted under direct supervision from a board-certified veterinarian, and not undertaken until receiving consent and approval from you.

Your Pet’s Dental & Oral Health

At Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital, we want to help educate you on how to look after your pet’s oral and dental health between visits. We are also here to answer any of your questions via phone or to book in an appointment and speak with our vet.

How To Know If Your Pet Needs Dental Cleaning

Hate those moments when your dog or cat is wanting to show affection, but their breath is so bad you have to push them away? As part of your pet’s overall health and well-being, ensure your pet receives dental cleaning and check-ups regularly.

Just like us, your pet’s teeth and oral health is best maintained by taking proactive steps instead of reactive. Bad breath is hard on the nose and can be a precursor to much more serious problems such as periodontal disease. Catching dental disease in its early stages will help save your pet a lot of pain and you a tremendous amount of headaches. Most importantly, it could potentially save their life.

How is It Life Threatening?

As stated in the opening section, your pet’s oral and dental health can put your pet’s life at risk. Initially starting as gingivitis, the periodontal disease starts when food particle bacteria combine and form into plaque on your pet’s teeth. Building up along with the minerals in your pet’s saliva, it bonds with the plaque to form tartar with the bacteria getting under the gums, causing inflammation and gingivitis. Destroying the supporting tissue around the tooth, it soon causes tooth loss, which is what we call periodontitis.

After attacking your pet’s teeth, the periodontal disease is then able to travel via your pet’s bloodstream and infect your pet’s kidney, liver, and heart. This what makes your pet’s dental health vital for their overall well being and safety.

What is Dental Cleaning?

Dental cleaning is undertaken at Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital by ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and fluoride application to remove plaque bacteria and calculus on the crown. This helps improve the appearance of teeth and helps take care of bad breath. Applied below the gum line, scaling remove the plaque bacteria that is responsible for periodontal disease.

Please note that teeth cleaning on your pet will require anesthesia. We do not support anesthesia-free cleaning due to its inability to properly clean your pet’s teeth, resulting in inadequate treatment and much more serious problems further down the road.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath is embarrassing whether you walk on two feet or four. There are a variety of causes for bad breath ranging from periodontal or oral disease, teething (for puppies and especially kittens), diet, exercise, and oral hygiene.


At Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital, we provide orthodontic services for your pet’s teeth. Just like us, your dog or cat may need braces to help teeth that are not properly aligned or mal-occluded (the manner in which opposing teeth meet). If your pet’s bite isn’t right, we first check if it’s still functional and comfortable and our vet knows based on your pet’s temperament and behaviors (such as heavy chewers) if braces would work for them.

Orthodontics is an advanced but extremely effective way of preventing further dental complications, diseases, and discomfort for your pet. Our vet and team are happy to answer any questions you may have about our orthodontics services and will help you decided which treatment is right, specifically for your pet.

We provide orthodontic care for pets. Braces are orthodontic appliances used to reposition teeth that are improperly aligned or mal-occluded. The initial oral examination involves a bite or occlusal evaluation. If the bite isn’t right, consideration is focused on whether the bite is functional and comfortable.

Tooth Extraction

Extractions are needed when your pet needs a tooth removed that has come loose and lost its attachment. It can also be used as a means of containing and removing infections. With the exception of a life-threatening situation, tooth extraction will only take place on your pet after obtaining your approval.

Keeping Up With Your Pet’s Oral Health

Does your pet have bad breath? It’s probably time to brush their teeth or use oral treats and chew toys until their next visit with us. Our vet and team will be happy to recommend home treatments and products that are safe and will look after your pet’s oral and dental health between visits.

By brushing your pet’s teeth at least once a week and inspecting their mouth and teeth for early signs of dental disease, you can halt (and in many cases even reverse) dental and oral problems in their tracks.

How To Check for Dental Disease

Did you know it is estimated that 80% of dogs and cats show signs of periodontal disease by age 3? In early stages, periodontal disease and gingivitis can be treated and in many cases reversed but if unchecked as we have addressed, can wreak havoc.

Here is how to check your dog for dental disease:

  1. Early Stages: Check their teeth close to their gumline for brownish-gold tartar buildup
  2. Gingivitis: Check along their gum lines for redness and bleeding (can indicate gingivitis)
  3. Periodontal Disease: see if they have one or multiple loose or missing teeth; also check for extreme tartar buildup

Some signs of dental disease include:

  • Drooling
  • Pawing at their mouth
  • Has difficulty chewing
  • Missing or loose teeth
  • Severe or reoccuring bad breath

If your pet exhibits any of the above signs, please schedule an appointment with our vet today.

Why Choose Our Hospital

The unexpected can happen at any moment. Sometimes undetected dental issues come up when you least expect them, which is why our animal hospital has extended hours open 7-days a week.

Dental procedures and treatments should be conducted by someone you can trust. After 24 yrs of providing medical treatment to animals and 8 yrs specifically at Dr. Phillips Animal Hospital for the Orlando area, call us today to book your appointment and discuss how we can help you with your pets dental and oral health at (407) 352-2579.

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