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Onions can be toxic for dogs. While in small amounts they may only experience some mild indigestion, high portions of onions can have severe effects on your canine’s health and longevity. Whether eaten raw or cooked, onions can lead to poisoning or in some cases even death. If your furry friend has eaten some onions, here are some tips on what you can do.

Follow These Steps if Your Dog Has Consumed Onions

It’s important that if your dog has come into contact with onions these steps are taken into account to help your dog recover from the incident.

Survey Your Surroundings

If you notice your dog has eaten something containing onions, you must first survey your surroundings to understand the amount they ate, when they may have eaten it, or if they have accidentally eaten any other harmful food products. Determining all of these factors can help you give your dog the best treatment after the incident.

Prevent Future Access

While it’s important to survey your surroundings, you will also want to ensure that whatever initially led your dog to have access to onions doesn’t happen again. Whether it’s finding different places to keep food secure away from animals or checking the ingredients list, preventative care is an efficient way to keep your dog safe from future ingestion.

Get Professional Help

After you’ve assessed your situation at home, if your dog is feeling ill after ingestion calling a veterinarian would be essential for any necessary treatment. A vet can conduct proper testing to determine the safest way to treat your dog based on their size, previous health conditions, or current diet. Depending on when and how much onion your dog consumed, your vet will provide expert advice on how to bring your dog back to health.


Follow Your Veterinarian’s Recommended Treatment

If your dog becomes severely ill from onion ingestion, following a veterinarian’s treatment recommendations is vital to restoring the health of your canine.

How Do Veterinarians Treat Onion Toxicity in Dogs?

If a large amount of onion has been ingested, a vet may proceed with treatments such as:

  • Administering Activated Charcaol
  • Oxygen Supplementation
  • Inducing Vomiting

Don’t Attempt a Home Remedy

Onion toxicity is serious. Attempting to remedy your dog at home could worsen the problem and prolong proper treatment. Always call a veterinarian before trying anything at home.

Why Are Onions Toxic to Dogs?

Onions contain a sulfuric compound that is toxic to dogs that can cause anemia if left untreated. The compound N-propyl disulfide breaks down red blood cells which leads to feelings of lethargy and illness in a dog.

What Kinds of Onion Are Toxic to Dogs?

Chives and green onions are the most toxic to dogs. These are both Allium species and dogs cannot partake in any onions or other plants of the same species. No matter what kind (red, green, white) it’s off-limits for all canines.

How Much Onion Is Toxic to a Dog?

Dogs cannot consume more than five percent of their body weight in onions without feeling the effects of onion toxicity. Even a small amount of onion can be extremely harmful to a dog.

What Are the Symptoms of Onion Toxicity?

The key signs to look out for in onion toxicity include:

  • Decreased Appetite
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Lethargy

Do GrapesCause Permanent Damage to Dogs?

Onion toxicity can lead to permanent damage due to the breakdown of red blood cells. The oxygen molecules can have difficulty recovering and some dogs may have continued lethargy or gastrointestinal effects. However, some dogs are able to make a full recovery if treatment is administered by a veterinarian professional in a timely fashion.

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