Helping your pet stay healthy as they age

Complete Geriatric Testing for Your Senior Pet

Regular checkups as your pet becomes older can help to reduce the risk of diseases setting in without your knowledge. Our team is able to run tests in-house using our top-of-the-line technology to give you results the same day. Regular bloodwork for your senior pet is part of proper senior wellness and not something to skip.


Our team takes a preventative approach to senior pet care

Prevention Through Regular Wellness Exams

Bringing your senior pet in for wellness exams specially geared toward their age group can spot any diseases before they develop further. Ensure your aging pet enjoys their senior years with expert preventative veterinary medicine.


What Should Senior Pet Owners Keep in Mind As Their Pet Ages?

As your pet becomes a senior and continues to age, you’ll need to start considering your pet’s lifestyle. What is their diet like? Do they get enough exercise? Here are the four areas to pay special attention to as your furry friend gets older:

Dental care

Dental Care



Dog food in bowl

Proper Diet

Quality of life

Quality of Life

Preventing oral diseases before they strike

Dental Procedures for Senior Pets

Keeping your aging pet’s teeth and gums healthy can do wonders for their overall health. Our experienced veterinary staff can help you make the changes necessary to improve your dog or cat’s oral health and determine how often they should have a professional dental cleaning.


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