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There are so many popular pet accessories available on the market that it can be hard to choose. Some of them may have practical uses to help pet parents better care for their beloved dogs, while others are purely made for entertainment. What kind of accessory you choose will depend on a variety of factors ranging from cost to everyday lifestyle. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best accessories to consider for your pet.

Top Dog Accessories on the Market

The following are considered some of the best accessories for dogs:

Slow Feeder Bowl

If you have a dog that seems to eat too fast and gorge themselves on their food, it may be worthwhile to try a slow feeder bowl with a spiral to help them eat slower and improve their digestion.

an automatic dog feeder

Customizable Dog Collar

A customizable dog collar can be a great choice for those looking to keep important information like a pet’s name, contact number, and address consistently around their pet for safety (or so your neighbors can remember the name of your dog!).

a close-up of a dog collar with a dog’s name on it

Pet Cam

Pet cams are a popular tool nowadays. Peer into the life of your dog when you’re not around so you can catch them doing something funny or ensure they are safe while you’re away. With some, you may even be able to talk to your pet.

No-Pull Harness/Leash

For active dogs, a no-pull leash or harness is perfect to let your dog wander around and run up past you while still allowing pet owners to have some control.

a pit bull dog wearing a no-pull harness and leash

Travel Water Bottle

If you take your dog out for more than an hour or two, they’ll need to keep hydrated with a travel water bottle made specifically for dogs. This is especially important if it’s a hot summer day and they are panting and sweating more than usual.

a dog drinking out of a special dog water bottle

Raincoat and Booties

For those inevitable rainy day walks, a raincoat and booties can keep your dog dry and comfortable (and minimize the amount of drying you’ll need to do later when you bring them inside).

two dogs wearing dog raincoats outside while it’s raining

Swimming Life-Jacket

If you find yourself going to swim at the river or the beach with your dog, a doggie life jacket can be perfect to ensure they’ll stay safe in the strong currents while still enjoying a refreshing dip in the water.

a black and white dog wearing an orange life vest

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Dog Accessories

Before going on a big shopping spree, consider the type of dog you have and how active of a lifestyle you live.


Step #1

Dog Breed and Behavior

The type of dog breed you have can dictate a lot of their behavior. For example, if you have a small dog that doesn’t eat very much, a slow feeder bowl may not be needed. Understanding your dog’s habits such as how much they like to play, how temperamental they are, and how much they typically eat and drink can help inform your decision.

a pomeranian dog eating from a metal dog dish

Step #2

Weather Conditions

If you live in a rainy or stormy environment, having some pet protection from the elements will be essential to keep your dog warm and dry. However, if the area you reside in has more sunny days than not, a doggie raincoat may not always be necessary.

a dog wearing a raincoat standing in a puddle#3

Step #3

The Size of Your Dog

The height and width of a dog can impact the kind of toys or tools you buy for them. A small dog accessory may be easily ripped up in seconds by a big dog, so it’s essential to consider if the accessory you buy fits well for their size and strength level.

a photo of a range of dogs of different sizes and breeds

Step #4

Activity Level and Lifestyle

Some dogs don’t require as much exercise as others. This may be due to their breed, their upbringing, and how much hyperactivity is present. If your dog lives an active lifestyle and needs some help getting their energy out, there are many great tools and toys available as a resource.

a small black dog chasing a ball

Ask Your Vet for Accessory Recommendations

If you’re unsure where to start in finding the best accessory for your dog, a vet will be more than happy to help provide recommendations to lead you in the right direction. They can also ensure that the products you choose are safe for everyday usage and use high-quality material that is built to last.

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