Advance Imaging & Procedures

Advance Imaging & Procedures

All Imaging & Procedures Completed Under Direct Supervision by Board Certified Vets.
The unfortunate moment comes where something happens to your pet, or maybe you’re unsure what is wrong with them. Lucky for you, the team at Dr. Phillips are known for providing the best service in Orlando and regularly the most affordable. All imaging and procedures at Dr. Phillips are completed under direct supervision of board certified veterinarians and in most cases can be completed during your check-up or appointment.

Have questions about Imaging, X-Ray, or procedures at Dr. Phillips? Feel free to ask any questions during your pet’s appointment or by phone before or after your visit, as we would be glad to help.

Emergency Procedures

Have an emergency? Dr. Phillips is open until 11pm Monday to Friday and also Saturdays till 7 and Sunday till 5pm. If you have an emergency please call us immediately at 407-352-2579.

Medical Procedures

The team at Dr. Phillips have over 25yrs of experience performing surgeries and medical procedures. Whether it is to treat wounds, rashes, broken bones, colds, dental, or resolve serious conditions or infections, our vets are serious about ensuring your pet is in safe hands. Our staff will equip you with as much information possible to make an educated decision that is best for you.

Treatments and Surgeries

We provide a number of treatments and medical procedures including surgeries to help get them back on their paws. If undertaking a surgery, we discuss with you whether administering anesthesia, incisions, surgical instrument placement, tissue modification or suturing is required based on your pet’s test results.

To learn more about any treatment or surgery our doctors have recommended, never hesitate to contact us directly. Additional you can learn more about the various veterinary treatments from our friends at DocShop.

Will My Pet Be Put Under (Sedated or Anesthetized)?

While having their x-ray taken, completing tests, or undergoing procedures, in most cases you pet will be required to remain still. This is to ensure clean photos and accurate results If your pet is requested to have an x-ray taken, there is a chance they may need to be sedated or receive short acting general anesthesia. In these instances, we will inform you to get your approval first before administering these to them.

Will My Pet be Shaved or Hair clipped?

Depending on the procedure or test, yes. In instances of surgeries or procedures, your pet will most likely be shaved around the location of the incision or placement of the stitches. When running tests your pets hair may also be clipped. You will notify if this is required and before it is undertaken.

Diagnostic Imaging & Radiology

Different types of diagnostic imaging services are used at Dr. Phillips including X-Rays, Ultrasounds, Computed Tomography, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Dr. Phillips uses features a state-of-the-art digital radiology machine that captures x-ray digitally instead of film, providing quicker diagnosis and a fractional of radiation compared to traditional X-Rays.

Learn more about these during your visit, by calling us, or in The Veterinary Manual.

Why Does My Pet Need An X-Ray?

When you are informed your pet needs an X-ray, you may wonder why or what exactly you will learn from an X-ray. X-rays provide valuable information about what is going on inside your pet. During wellness exams, X-rays are used to help identify and diagnose problems before they become serious. This allows both the vet and yourself to better understand the problem, diagnose the potential causes, and outline the best treatment.

X-rays show us your pet’s:

  • Bones
  • Gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestines, colon)
  • Respiratory tract (lungs)
  • Heart
  • Genitourinary system (bladder, prostate)

Is An X-Ray Really Necessary?

Using the information from the X-rays and radiographs, our team use their years of experience and previous patients to determine the fastest, safest, and most affordable way to treat your animal. In most cases the additional cost for your pet to get an X-ray is requested for the vet to full picture of your pets health and current state. Without a full picture of your pets heal, our vets may not be able to provide a proper diagnosis to identify the root cause of your pets problem. This could let to an incorrect diagnosis or worse, put your pet’s life at risk.

Can I Get The X-Ray Images?

During all testing you will be provided copies of your pets X-ray along with a detailed report to help you decide on a procedure or the next step. Copies of your pets x-rays are the results obtained from tests are available upon request.

Why Does My Pet Need An MRI?

Similar to an X-ray, and MRI provides additional information about what is happening inside your pet for our vets to provide an accurate diagnosis. An MRI provides information about your pet’s brain, spinal cord, sinus cavities, nose and ears, as well as their joints and internal organs. This leads to early detection and treatment of a number of disease and complications to help extend your pets life and wellness.

How Much Will it Cost?

We are happy to answer any questions on pricing in person or over the phone as the pricing for medical procedures and imaging varies. Ask any of our vets any questions you have on pricing when going over treatment and testing. If finances are a major concern, our vets will be happy to walk you through alternative options and our team to discuss payment plans.

Why Trust Your Pets Health With Us?

At Dr. Phillips, our goal is keep you pet happy, healthy, and fit to allow both of you to enjoy a long life together. Our customers have been raving about our services and animal care for years, but don’t take our word for it! Contact us today or feel to ask any questions with our vets during your next visit with us.

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“Dr Phillips Animal Hospital always provides an estimate for care before proceeding, with both a high end and a low end. They answer all questions to help you make the best decision.” – Dani D. via YELP

“You can tell that they love pets and enjoy working there. Our dog use to be skittish when we would go to our old Vet. Now he wags his tail going and coming. If you are looking for a professional veterinarian with a great staff, this is a good place for you.” – Michael C. via YELP